Utility Resource Plan Has 100 MW Renewables Carve-Out

Black Hills Corp. says its South Dakota Electric and Wyoming Electric utilities have filed a 2021 Integrated Resource Plan for their two electric systems, including a proposal for the addition of 100 MW of renewable generation. The IRP, the result of a comprehensive data analysis and stakeholder input process, outlines a range of options for […]

Georgia net-metering program reaches cap, jeopardizing rooftop solar growth

The rapid adoption of solar energy systems by Georgia home and business owners under Georgia Power’s “Monthly Net Metering” program is about to grind to a halt and could threaten solar jobs in the state. When the Public Service Commission established the program in 2019 it placed a cap on the number of customers that… […]

EnergyLink Begins Construction on 6.8 MW Solar Installation Portfolio

EnergyLink has broken ground on a 6.8 MW solar project for Buncombe County and the City of Asheville, N.C., with 46 of their public institutions’ buildings being retrofitted with solar. “[Our] team will be ramping up over the next few weeks to deliver consistently high-quality product over a long, two-year project,” says Andrew Halpern, EnergyLink’s […]

Soltec Debuts the New SFOne Tracker

Solar PV solutions company Soltec has launched SFOne, a new solar tracker with a double row 1P configuration, consolidating its portfolio of flexible and versatile products. The company has high expectations for this new product as a comprehensive response to the demands of its clients, adaptable to all types of projects in the global market. […]

How a Hawaiian electric company maximized its power generation by constructing a metal solar building H-Power installed a 3-megawatt system – one of the largest rooftop solar projects in the state of Hawaii.

Higher Power Demand Couldn’t Be Met With Current Space The Honolulu Program of Waste Energy Recovery, or H-POWER, in Kapolei, West Oahu generates up to 90 megawatts of energy for Hawaiian Electric Company – enough to meet nearly eight percent of Oahu’s energy needs. The facility processes 700,000 tons of waste annually, which is combusted… […]

EnergyLink begins 46-building solar portfolio for North Carolina’s Buncombe County

EnergyLink’s construction team broke ground this week on a two-year large scale solar portfolio. This municipal project will overhaul energy usage for Buncombe County and the City of Asheville, with 46 of the public institutions’ buildings being retrofitted with solar. In line with the company’s bespoke design-build-fund capabilities, one of EnergyLink’s construction teams will carry… […]

1 year later – QuickBOLT still improving their QB2

By Mikey Wiener, Content Editor, QuickBOLT QuickBOLT has firmly established themselves as an innovator in the solar mounting space since they released their Original Top Mount over 10 years ago. They released another update last year – the QB2 – as an improvement on their second generation QuickBOLT, the Low Profile QB1. By moving from… […]