Mitrex Adds Roofing Panels to Market Offering

Mitrex, a Canadian manufacturer of solar technology, says it is bringing its roofing panels to market.  Mitrex notes its panels are developed to provide a cost-efficient energy solution for homes. The company says its patented building-integrated photovoltaic technology (BIPV) extends a building’s energy-generating potential, allowing every sun-touched surface to generate electricity. The solar roof panels […]

Interactive map breaks down Texas renewable energy development by congressional district

Wind power, solar power and energy storage projects are providing new economic opportunities for rural Texas counties, bringing needed diversification, economic development, job creation and multi-generational revenue through a growing property tax base and payments to landowners. That’s the key takeaway of, a new interactive website launched this week by the Advanced Power Alliance… […]

Solect completes three solar projects totaling 273 kW for Massachusetts town

Solect Energy has completed the installation of three different rooftop solar energy systems totaling over 273 kW in the Town of Winchester, Massachusetts. The installations are located at the Winchester Vinson Owen School (69 kW), Winchester Department of Public Works (76 kW), and Winchester High School (127 kW) and are owned by Safari Energy. All… […]

How residential solar installers can take advantage of 2021’s perfect storm

By Charlie Knadler, CEO, EnerBank USA At the end of last year, Congress extended the renewable energy tax credit through the end of 2023. For solar projects that begin construction in 2021 and 2022, the tax credit will remain at 26%, and then decline to 22% for 2023. Until recently, 2021 was going to be a critical… […]