KiloVault Adds Deep Cycle Battery to Company Offerings

KiloVault, a provider of residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, has unveiled the 2 V 1000 XLC advanced lead-carbon, sealed AGM, deep cycle battery. Designed for partial state of charge (PSoC) applications, the XLC is a cost-effective, maintenance-free battery that performs in high-demand off-grid or battery backup applications. KiloVault says the XLC provides flexible and […]

Nextracker Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Solar FlexRack

Nextracker, a provider of critical yield-enhancing PV system technology, expertise and strategic services, has settled its patent infringement lawsuit against Northern States Metals Co., which conducts its solar energy business under the name Solar FlexRack.  Nextracker filed suit in federal court on June 25, 2020, in a matter titled NEXTracker Inc. v. Solar FlexRack and […]

Clenera Brings Wapello Solar Project Online

Clenera LLC says the 127.5 MW DC Wapello Solar photovoltaic project in Louisa County, Iowa, is delivering energy to the grid.  Located near Wapello, the project was developed by Clēnera, a company that acquires, develops, builds and manages utility-scale solar farms and energy storage facilities throughout the U.S. In addition to acting as the project […]