Solar United Neighbors starts next round of co-op PV purchasing program in Denver

The nonprofit organization Solar United Neighbors (SUN) is working with both the city and county of Denver to promote the second Denver Solar Co-op to help residents and small businesses in the region go solar. Eighty-four Denver residents and business owners have joined the co-op, with a goal of reaching 150 members by March 1st.… […]

New Michigan Solar Sites Provide Consumers Energy Customers with Electricity

Consumers Energy, Pine Gate Renewables and Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors L.P. say five new solar energy projects in Genesee County, Mich., and three in Saginaw County, Mich., are now online and providing renewable electricity to Consumers Energy customers. “These solar plants coming online are a testament to our commitment to solar energy in Michigan as […]

Sunworks’ Board Appoints New CEO

Sunworks Inc., a provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial and industrial (ACI), public works and residential markets, says the company’s board of directors has appointed Gaylon Morris as its new CEO and a member of the board of directors. “The board believes Morris is the ideal CEO to lead Sunworks through its next […]

Pivot Energy activates 1.3-MW solar system at Illinois college

Pivot Energy activated a 1.3-MW onsite solar system at Joliet Junior College‘s Main Campus in Joliet, Illinois. The solar array, which consists of 3,542 solar panels, was installed by national solar developer Pivot Energy and will save the college more than $1.6 million in electricity expenses over 25 years. Over the life of the solar… […]

Think before trashing: The second-hand solar market is booming

By Melissa Ann Schmid, Marketing Communication Manager, EnergyBin Over the next five years, a growing number of U.S. solar owners and operators will choose to repower their systems. Total supply of decommissioned material will increase, but not all equipment is bound for recycling. Brokers engaged in the trade of used goods, particularly second-hand modules, are… […]