Dividend Finance launches new single-page online application to simplify solar loans

Dividend Finance, a point-of-sale lender to solar and home improvement contractors, is announcing the launch of a new technology platform. In addition to a new solar + home improvement partner portal, Dividend is offering its solar contractors an array of new products and enhancements including: Dividend Lite – a new single-page URL application which makes… […]

Generac Acquires Enbala Power Networks

Generac Holdings Inc., a manufacturer of energy technology, has signed an agreement to acquire Enbala Power Networks Inc., a distributed energy resources (DERs) technology company.  The deal solidifies Generac’s position in Smart Grid 2.0 technologies and opens opportunities for the company as a grid services provider. Denver-based Enbala is a provider of distributed energy optimization […]

Terracon Enhances Site-Selection Tool

Consulting and engineering firm Terracon says it has further enhanced Stage1, a site-selection tool, to now include environmental and geotechnical condition assessment.  Stage1 combines Terracon’s extensive project data, compiled over its 50-plus-year history, with environmental and geologic data sources from more than 700 public and private map sources, and curates it with the local experience […]